Canine Physical Rehabilitation

Our canine conditioning and post-operative rehabilitation program is unique and exceptionally successful because our orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Sams, and our rehabilitation specialist, Sarah Johnson, designed the program together and continually update the protocols and patient care. In many instances programs are specifically tailored to our patients specific needs. The goal of the clinic's rehabilitation program is to educate our clients while improving our patients' quality of life; decreasing their pain and safely returning them to full function.

Please note that before beginning rehabilitation therapy at The Sams Clinic, all patients must be evaluated by Dr. Sams or Dr. Hawley. This ensures not only that your pet is physically capable of participating in a rehabilitation program, but that they are started on one that will produce the best results. Moreover, any patient in a canine rehabilitation program is required by law to be evaluated by a doctor at the clinic in question. 

Fitness Programs

Core Strengthening and Conditioning Exercises

Rehabilitation specialist Sarah Johnson has designed many unique exercises for dogs using various types of balls, balance boards/cushions/boxes, ladders, cones, tunnels, scooters, doggy leg weights and other props.  You are invited to participate in your dog's therapy and learn about what you can do to augment  these treatments at home. Alternatively,  you may leave your pet with us as needed to accommodate your schedule.


Swimming has long been recognized as a beneficial form of non-weight bearing exercise. The Sams Clinic offers canine conditioning and post-operative surgical care through our state-of-the-art underwater treadmill. Therapy with the underwater treadmill can be particularly beneficial as our rehabilitation specialist can customize the amount of weight particular joint bears.

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