Q: I don’t have a referral to your clinic, can I still make an appointment?

A: Yes! However, we do ask that you notify your family veterinarian of your visit so they will know to expect a report from Dr. Sams or Dr. Hawley. Just call The Sams Clinic and our staff will help you decide which doctor would be the best fit for your pet.

Q: Can I make an appointment for an annual checkup and vaccinations at your clinic?

A: No. We are a specialty orthopedic, pain management, and rehabilitation clinic only. There are many wonderful general practice veterinarians in the area. To help you find the right doctor for your pet, you might try asking your friends and family for a referral.

Q: I have stairs at home. Will my dog be able to go up and down the stairs after surgery?

A: Yes! In most cases, we will fit a harness to your pet after surgery. This harness will allow you to assist your pet up and down stairs, into and out of the car, or over uneven ground.

Q: Why did Dr. Sams recommend the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) to treat my dog’s torn cranial cruciate ligament (CrCL)?

A: In Dr. Sams’ experience, the TPLO has provided the best short and long-term results for our patients. In his opinion, this is because the TPLO does the best job of stabilizing the stifle (knee) joint, giving our patients the best outcome. In some cases, Dr. Sams may recommend a different surgery for your pet based upon size, weight, age, and other factors. Considering all of these elements, he will recommend the knee stabilization surgery he feels will bring your pet the very best result.

Q: Since they will already be under anesthesia, can my pet have a dental cleaning at the time of surgery?

A: No. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this service as dental cleanings have the potential to release bacteria into the bloodstream and could increase the risk of post-operative infection.