What Is Vet-Stem® Therapy?

Vet-Stem® isolates regenerative cells from a sample of an animal’s own fat for treatment of tendons, ligaments and joints. Vet-Stem® stem cell therapy is NOT to be confused with the controversial use of stem cells derived from human embryos.

What Are Stem Cells?

A stem cell is a naturally occurring cell in any animal that can transform into a specific type of cell (bone, heart, tendon, etc) to heal and regenerate healthy tissue.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Dr. Sams collects fat from your pet which is then shipped overnight to the Vet-Stem® laboratory for processing, concentration and purification. The cells are then returned for administration either directly to the site of disease/injury or by intravenous injection.

Is the Procedure Safe?

Since the cells come from and are returned to your pet, there is almost no risk of rejection. The risk of infection is the same as with any other surgical procedure. Vet-Stem® processes the cells in a sterile environment and adds an antibiotic to the cell suspension before returning them for injection. As a precaution, Vet-Stem® recommends administering a brief course of a systemic antibiotic following the initial collection process. Dr. Sams is accredited with Vet-Stem®to perform Stem Cell Therapy and has a state-of-the-art facility where sterility is carefully protected.

How Long Does The Treatment Last?

Much is being learned about stem cell therapy and it is currently difficult to predict how long the treatment will last. There is a lot of variability between the extent of the problem being treated.

How Long Is the Recovery from a Stem Cell Treatment?

An exact recovery time with this therapy is not specific. Each pet’s recovery is dependent upon the severity of its case and how long the pet needs to be in a rehab program. Most patients will show clinical signs of improvement in the first few weeks. But without rehabilitation and time off, these results may not occur this soon or last as long. We encourage patients to follow a recommended rehab program.

What Conditions Can Be Treated?

The most common problems treated with stem cell therapy are osteoarthritis and tendon, joint and ligament injuries.

Can My Pet’s Stem Cells be Stored?

Yes, the Vet-Stem Bank™ service is a specially designed tissue preservation process that prepares your pet’s stem cells for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen storage containers.

Who is Vet-Stem®?

Vet-Stem® is a veterinary laboratory service located in San Diego, California. The company founded in 2002 is dedicated to the development of adipose derived stem cells for animal health. For more information including success stories, please visit: www.vet-stem.com